The festive season is here- this is the time when many Indian festivals are scheduled in a row- from Eid to Diwali and Christmas- it’s a time of celebration, revelry and, of course, shopping!

Most businesses see a spike in sales during festive season as many Indians see this period as auspicious for all kinds of purchases or are willing to spend generously on gifts for loved ones. With e-commerce on a steady high, the retail space has become competitive. The biggest of brands are targeting online shoppers by running attractive offers. In this scenario, is your business festive-season ready?

One of the more obvious ways of selling your goods online is either building your own website and/or listing your products on a popular e-commerce portal. The former will mean spending lots of money, time and energy. The latter involves paying hefty fees and competing with thousands of other products for the limited attention of today’s customers.

Facebook- The new retail platform for Small and Medium Businesses

A new hit among online sellers and buyers is the Facebook Marketplace. It is a first-of-its-kind social media-based classifieds section and makes it as easy to search for products as it is to search for friends. One simply needs to click on ‘Marketplace’ and type anything in the search bar from ‘coffee mug’ to ‘car’. The result will be a display of several options on sale, starting from your local area. However, once a product is selected, the buyer must contact the seller through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, to make further enquiries.

FB has AI-designed enquiry statements out of which the buyer must choose the most appropriate one and send to the seller over FB messenger. Once the seller reverts to the buyer, there is the task of communicating about variants, helping the buyer select colours and sizes, negotiating prices, arranging for delivery and payments, and answering product related queries. Since the whole conversation is online and everyone is running short on time these days, it is likely that buyers can quickly drop out of such lengthy conversations.

While such a marketplace does make online retail quite accessible, this whole process can be made much more efficient and easier by integrating practical e-commerce solutions such as that of Benow.

What is the Benow Digital Store?

Lots of customers today want to buy products as soon as they see them. If they can’t do that, they lose interest and get distracted by other products and offers they see. Benow’s digital store is like your own website or portal, with a complete online shopping functionality. It takes only minutes to build and is very easy for customers to browse.

It lets you display several products, each with multiple high-quality images, description, color, size and price. In case you are offering discounts, it lets you display the discounted price of each product and make the store attractive with a banner image, advertising your latest offer.

What’s more-if someone likes a product, he or she can simply add it to their shopping cart. Customers can pay online through Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking, UPI or cash-on-delivery.
Moment the order is placed, you, the seller, can track the order real time!

You can do the following to boost your festive season sales- using the Benow Digital Store:

  • If you are already using FB Marketplace, you can simply copy paste the Benow Store URL (link) into your product description.
  • You can also send the link on FB messenger or Whatsapp chat window, as soon as the customer shows interest. This will make it very easy for you close sales, as the customer will be able to purchase in a few clicks.
  • As a business, it is a must for you to have your own FB page. Once you have created your page, the first thing you can do is go to the ‘Buy Now’ button and click on Edit. Then you can copy paste your Benow Store URL (link) and click Save.
  • You can straight away post your Benow Digital Store Link on Buy & Sell FB groups like Local Residential Groups, interest-based groups like Fashion Lovers etc.

Give your customers the experience of Ecommerce companies using a simple and cost-effective tool like the Benow Digital Store. Turbocharge your Social Media presence so you can close more sales during this festive season!

You can subscribe to the Benow Digital Store annually at a limited-period discount now. If you have more queries, you can get a Free consultation from our expert.

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About the authorTannya Shukla
She is an Evangelist at Benow and a Content Marketing strategist with a wide portfolio of experience. Her areas of interest are entrepreneurship and marketing. She believes the most powerful businesses are the ones who continuously innovate around the aspirations of the customer.