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FAQs for NGOs

Benow NGOs is not a crowdfunding platform, but a first of its kind a Proactive link based fundraising tool that will help you to directly reach out to your donors via SMs, Email & NGO’s social media platforms. This in turn attract instant donations.

The platform also provides a complete donor engagement and fundraising platforms. It helps NGOs to build lifetime donors with its easy to use web-based console, pushing donors to make immediate donations.

This is the most cost effective campaign and donor engagement platform in India. The more an NGO uses the platform, the more intelligent the platform gets giving expert results of donors across various categories created. This overall helps NGOs to create efficient and targeted campaigns.

The platform also helps to identify champion donors and supports them with tools to run their own campaigns for the NGO they would like to be associated with.

Benow NGOs is the most Cost Effective solution for creating campaigns & collecting donations in India and we intend to keep it that way as we strongly believe in leveraging Technology for Good.

  • The solution comes along with a payment gateway
  • There is no minimum commitment of any form
  • Plan to build unique collaborative online fundraising events for our NGO partners
  • A full-time technical and marketing support team

The donations are reflected on the console in real-time basis. Additionally, SMS notifications are also sent in real-time after each donation is made on the mobile number registered with us.

The donation amount will reflect in the NGO’s bank account in 2 working days.

Yes, donors will get auto-generated certificates directly in their email.

Yes, you can run multiple campaigns on the console and keep a track of which campaign is doing better and if the target has been achieved or not.

Yes, history of all donations can be viewed and download CSV & PDF file formats. Daily settlements can be download in Excel format.

Yes, there are weekly online training programs conducted where any NGO can ask their queries. We also have a WhatsApp group for all existing members to keep them updated about latest developments and answer general queries. Regular workshops are conducted to help develop and polish skills of the NGO personnel.

Yes, we offer a Donate button on your website and collect donations through an API integration.

Success fees are transacting charges levied by the bank for transferring funds from one account to another.

Success fees will be charged on each donations received. If there are no donations, then there are no fees that are levied other than the annual set-up cost.

Being an IT company, we leverage our expertise to help those who would like to help others.

No, this is easy to use by anyone with basic knowledge of a computer or smartphone.