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5 reasons why your shop should be UPI/BHIM enabled

More Customers
Many customers around you have BHIM and other UPI apps

Low setup fee
No need to invest in any POS device

Works on any phone
Receive payment SMS on a feature/smart phone

Safe and secure
BHIM is backed by our government, UPI apps are backed by banks

No separate account / wallet needed
Use your existing bank account and get started

Subscribe to Benow’s UPI/BHIM enabled service and get your shop UPI/BHIM ready in 72 hours

Get BHIM enabled !

UPI Enabled Banks and Other Apps

Merchants can receive money in their current / savings accounts

To enable UPI/BHIM for your business, give a missed call to 92661 77020 or send an SMS with BHIM to 92892 00035